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Run screen

Setup screen

Select your destination

General information

iSms@Spot can send automated SMS or e-mails when you arrive on a preselected location.
This can greatly improve safety during driving a car.

Run screen

In the "to" field you can enter a phone number or e-mail address of the recipient. If you enter a @ in the name, it is interpreted as an e-mail address.
By pressing the envelope or SMS button above this field, your standard address book will open. In the case of multiple fields for a recipient you can select the appropriate one.

In the message field you can enter the message to send, like "I arrived and waiting at the reception".
In this field you can use two parameters, %d and %n. Before sending these two are evaluated to the current distance to your destination and your name.

Start location services will enable either GPS or GPRS location services and starts the monitor loop. Under the switch you see the current straight distance, not the distance by road.

Help is clear.

Send direct can be used to send the message immediately, maybe you entered the wrong destination or something like that.

Setup screen

In the setup screen you can enter your default name to use as sender in your SMS. This name is placed at the %n field.
The distance is the straight distance (not by road) to your destination at which the message is sent. If you like to you can enter %d in your message to let your contact know how near you are.

iSms@Spot can be used in two modes : GPS or GPRS. In the first mode the accuracy is high (3-30 meter) and is perfect even for pedestrians. In the latter mode the GMS signal is used locate you. This mode is much less accurate, but in terms of battery consumption superior. So if it is not very important to know exactly where you are at the moment of sending the message, you can decide to switch of GPS.

iSms@Spot can always send your alert or can be restricted to a certain timeblock. When you select '-', it means black-out. If the current time is in the selected block, no message will be sent. Outside this block a message is sent normally, but without remembering a previous close proximity. If the '+' is selected, only if the current time is in the block, a message is sent. To change the time, just click on one of the two times.

An important switch enables the automatic SMS sending. We aware that if enabled, you don't have to accept the SMS or e-mail sending!
If disabled you have to press a button, this is not a safe as automated SMS.

Select your destination

If you want to select the destination you have two options, by Google Maps or by address book.
With the first option you select the location by moving your finger(s) around on a map and hold on the destination for two seconds.
If your destination is with someone in your address book, you can select the address from your list by pressing the small book icon.


If, after reading and accepting the displayed warnings, the user decides to use automatic messaging,
the application will send one and only one message, as it has been entered for delayed transmission,
to the selected recipient. Please be aware that messaging can be charged extra by your provider.

The iSms@Spot application uses background location and notification.
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

This program can use Wifi or GPRS to get the Google Maps, be aware that your provider can charge you for this.


Android user have to enter a SMTP server and e-mail address to be used for e-mails to others. Be sure that the entered SMTP server is available while not in your home network. You can also use a Gmail account, their server can be reached. To check use the send direct option while you are far away from your home network or turn wifi off.




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