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Main screen

Map screen

General information

iMoveAlarm is an application that locks your current GPS location and alerts you when you move away from that location.
In reverse it can be use to return to your original location.

Main screen

To start all you select the lock and monitor switch and turn it on.
The GPS receiver is started and tries to get a fix.
When the fix is OK the upper right bubble turns from red into green, the program starts to monitor your movement.
Due to the possibility to detect small movements (drifting away with your anchored boat) the GPS keeps running and the App can not use GSM locationing possibilities.

After moving away from your original spot with the selected distance (alarm range value in meters), the program tries to alert you.
You can always see your actual displacement at the "distance to lock" label.

The ways you are alerted can be selected with:

  • enable audio/vibro : turn on the hear and feel an alert
  • enable notification : turn on to be notified by an alert
  • message : message to show, this could be a reminder like "don't forget your shoppings from the frig"

If you want to keep the current fix, but like to preserve power, you can pause the GPS with the button "pause".
When you want to stop the GPS or want to get a new lock position, just turn "lock and monitor" off and on again.

Map screen

The map screen shows your current location (blue pin) and your lock location (red pin).
This map can be used to return to your original location.
The figures on the bottom show your position relative to the lock position, the orientation of your iPhone and the distance to your lock.

Let's give an example how to return to your car.

  1. Disable all notifications
  2. Lock and monitor, wait until bubble is green
  3. Pause the GPS, bubble turns blue (don't stop lock and monitor!)
  4. Hide application and start shopping
  5. When finished shopping, open application
  6. Stop pause by pressing resume
  7. Wait until bubble is green again
  8. Open map screen
  9. Walk by the shown map to your car


The iMoveAlarm application uses background location and notification.
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

This program can use Wifi or GPRS to get the Google Maps, be aware that your provider can charge you for this.




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