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General information

iChirpy is a short range chat application, that can be used without any privacy sensitive profile.
Absolutely nothing about you or your phone is stored for later use (maybe some things are stored by iOS, this is beyond our possibilities).

The iChirpy app works without (W)Lan, GPRS or any other radio data network, it uses your bluetooth device.
There are no costs for using this (except for some energy from your battery), nor any provider can track or charge you.

What is it for ?
Suppose you are in pub, airport or other public place and want to meet other people, start to chirp and find other users.
The great thing now is, compared to other social networking programs, that you can physically go to your chat partner and make normal humanoid contact.
Maybe you want to contact that nice lady/man in the car next to you in the traffic jam (don't use it while driving !!!), let's give it a try if they are also chirping.

There are lots of possibilities with iChirpy, as long as the user are in a range of 10-30 meter.

As forbidden by the OS, the program will not run in background.

Startup screen

After starting the program, you can switch your chirping on. A small radar screen is shown, while looking for other chirpers. If one is found and the connection is accepted, the screen changes in two small birds. From now on you can chat, as long as you stay in the proximity of your fellow chirper.

Setup screen

The program does not need much setup.
You enter your nickname (shown during conversation) and a welcome message that is sent on connection.
When a message is received, iChirpy can play a sound to alert you.
When a new chat session is opened, the old messages can be wiped.

NOTICE #1: The messages are in almost plain text, so do not use it for private information. iChirpy is for short range, so tell in private your secure matter.
NOTICE #2: The program does NOT use centralized login or data collection. No user, location or equipment information is sent to our or other third-party servers. Only standard bluetooth information between the (potential) members of a chat are shared.
NOTICE #3: Do not use this program in places where is not socially accepted/acceptable or while driving a car or other vehicle.


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